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Timesharetoken (TMT)

Timesharetoken ( TMT ) is like a match made in heaven. When it was born, organizations had a points-based system for decades before blockchain kicked in. Even though the original idea of exchange week to anywhere in the world only with a small fee, and where ever you decide to go, the standard level of accommodation is Luxus, and all the family have plenty of space, own bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and right next to Disneyland.,

I have to admit that it is not always necessary to be like that, but if you can use and use a little bit of time to study the thousands of resorts these holiday giants offer, you get good value for the money. But there is always a snake in paradise; in this case, the snake killed all the resale departments in the industry. That has been and still is THE worst thing in every industry's tens of billions of dollars of turnover.

TMT solves this problem by tokenizing the week points or holiday points into Timesharetoken cryptocurrency, which is tradable in exchanges worldwide. At the point of my writing this, people are almost ready to pay to get rid of the shares and maintenance fee, which has to be paid every year. There hasn't been any solution, even a tiny one, to this problem before, until now.
30-40 million families all around the world ows some kind of holiday ownership or timeshare product, and they are getting older; as we all know, Most children don't want to heritage their parents' Timeshare, and to most of the offspring, the weight of the maintenance fee is just a burden, nothing else., TMT is solving this same way as the resale problem, children can swap their parents timeshare to USDT, BUSD, or BTC, and take the money out from next ATM on the street.


And the only winners here are not only the owners and their descendants, but the biggest winners might even be the timeshare giants, rci, ii, Marriot vacation club, etc.,
Because Timeshare has had such a bad reputation everywhere just because everyone knows they cannot get rid of it if they buy it. If marketed right away with roof organizations, RDO, rci, ii, this token may very well dissolve the Fear of Being very fast. When people see that rci week 32 points value 29000 is swapped to 40k USD in the next bull run, it works, and it works well. Even the owner gets 30, 40, or 50% of the original purchase price is a monumental victory for this Coin.

Developers and clubs who sell Timeshare can use TMT in sales easily; just by saying that their system is compatible with the TMT token, so no worries if you cannot go on holiday anymore, I will help you to put it into the exchange.

The travel industry is significant, and the TMT token will be so versatile that it can adapt to its hotel reward points and flight points, and the interface is close to each other in these reward and flight and hotel points.

''Öur timeshare group is involved in TMT development and is so dedicated to its success that they work almost nonstop, thinking of any obstacle, what might come in the Timeshare that TMT token could not go over or around, But, there is none, token exist, it's verified, and most importantly its potential it is huge, only in Timeshare, but it can be one true Travel coin, one Coin to rule them all.

The coding side was flawless; Antti Jokipii, mathematics beyond compare, designed the token in the first place, and the rest of the team, led by an Indian fellow called Mr. Paresh, have over 150 successful blockchain projects behind him.

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