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As a member of GFB London, you will receive golden benefits for all your friends and family.

GFB Hotels worldwide is coming, and as a Member of GFB London, you can use all the countries of the world, and thus the accommodation capacity, without extra costs. In addition, Finnish vacationers, don't be disappointed, the hotel program is also coming to GFB product category this year. In addition, when currencies become digital, with all the products you buy, whether it's a hotel night, a week's accommodation, etc., GFB London will be the first in the world to introduce a timeshare/weekly share/holiday cryptocurrency ( TMT ) (short for time share token ) From the beginning of this year, old-fashioned paper share registers will be removed and they will also become digital, i.e. this will enable in the future, e.g. the fact that the value of your weekly share can be measured as TMT so that you can withdraw euros from the wall with a Visa or master card. Amazing, isn't it? And of course, TMT is a valid currency in exchanges as soon as it appears. Something worth mentioning is that, the world's first cryptocurrency travel agency, made a great result during the corona. We will update you more about this all the time.

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