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British Pound Notes

GFB Holidays Finland has several different financing options, from very small purchases to larger ones, for example, a trip around the world for the whole family. The terms of financing can always vary depending on the financing company, so you should always look at the most suitable option for you. Ask more about financing by e-mail, or call us.


The tourism industry is booming, and that's a wonderful thing for all those who love it. Thanks to customer financing, even low-income people can get on a well-deserved trip, and not only dream about it, GFB holidays has expanded its offices abroad, to London and Miami, to be able to serve its customers quickly and always get the best benefits and contracts for its members. The TMT token is coming, and it will solve the biggest curse of the timeshare industry, i.e. resale. And also all the other bigger problems that have bothered us, owners, since the beginning. The TMT token is now verified and can be seen by anyone on etherscan. The TMT Dynamite Visa is also coming, it will be our membership card with truly explosive benefits.

A new era of tourism begins

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