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Airisto is a large sea area in the Archipelago Sea. It is an approximately 20-kilometer-long sea ridge in the Turku archipelago in the area of ​​the cities of Naantali, Paraiste, and Turku. At its deepest, Airisto is more than 90 meters deep. The southern parts of Airisto belong to the nationally valuable landscape area of ​​Airisto-Seili.


Espoon Serena

Vesipuisto Serena is a water park located in Espoo's Lahnus district. Vesipuisto Serena was opened after extensive excavation and construction work in 1989. With the Finnish recession of the early 1990s, Serenaland Oy went bankrupt. The bankruptcy estate was transferred to the ownership of Tervakoski Puuhamaa in 1992.



Experiences for all senses. The activities are suitable for work groups, TYKY activities, trips, and recreation. There are activities and things to do for groups of all sizes and ages.


Hannunkiven Lomakylä

Hannunkive Lomakylä is an accommodation destination with 36 high-quality cabins in the largest wilderness area in southern Finland, on the shore of Lake Kivijärvi. In Hannunkive, you are on vacation enjoying the peace of nature in the Suomenselkä meadows, next to the Salamajärvi National Park. You get to enjoy your free time in the rugged, beautiful nature and the authentic way of life of a small rural farmer, Kivijärvi.



Himos is a tourist center located in Jämsä, which has become famous for the Himos Hiihtovuori ski resort. The first ski slopes were opened in 1984. The biggest difference in height between Himos' slopes is 151 meters.

Image by Natalya Zaritskaya




Ikaalisten kylpylä

What happens in Ikaalis will be remembered forever. It is the most popular spa center in the Nordic countries, and you can find activities and hobbies from golf to bowling.



Katinkulta is the most versatile holiday resort in Vuokatti in the Nordic countries. Enjoy year-round activities in the wonderful scenery of Lake Nuasjärvi and pamper the whole family with the spa hotel's versatile services.


Lapinniemen kylpylä

Holiday Club Tampereen Kylpylä is a spa and conference hotel in the center of Tampere, in Lapinniemi. The spa is located in a more than 100-year-old Lapinniemi cotton spinning mill. A spa holiday in Tampere is a great option for families with children, couples, and meeting clients as well.



It is probably one of the most unique places in Finland where a holiday village or similar has ever been built.
The history of the place is partly related to our republic's president Kekko, cooperation with the Soviet Union at the time, and money from the state's pocket.



There is something for everyone, summers and winters, spring and autumn. Levi is certainly one of the most versatile resorts in Finland, an 18-hole golf course in the summer, a scenic gondola lift, and the famous Levi Ruska excursion for ladies are certainly familiar. Not to mention the winter season, when between skiing and skiing you can take a dip in the spa or enjoy a bisque in the sunny slope bar.


Naantalin Kylpylä

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Nurmes, Lomasirmakka

In North Karelia, on the shore of Pielinen, in the middle of three national parks, there is Bomba, where silence, peace of mind and nature come close. At Bomba, there is enough to experience the unique Karelian from the spa to breathtaking nature trails. Unspoiled nature, national cultural heritage and genuine, unhurried encounters are travel that cannot be duplicated. It has to be experienced where it is real.



Places to visit in Punkaharju: In the Kruunupuisto spa, you can relax your mind and body all year round. Vacations for families with children include the versatile Kesämaa water park and Puuhapuisto, as well as farm tourism destinations with domestic animals and horseback riding opportunities.



Lomakylä Onnenvirta offers a comfortable setting for a peaceful and relaxing vacation in North Karelia in the village of Hoilola, along the roads of the poem and border, on the banks of the Korpijärvi and Onnenvirta water bodies.



There are plenty of activities in the area. For children, there is a brave and large 2-masted Pirate Ship on the beach. In the summer, you can play Tennis, Badminton, Padel, Outdoor Chess, Mini Golf, Petanque, Frisbee Golf, Kayaking, Cycling on regular bikes as well as electric Fatbikes, not forgetting Fishing.
In Autumn, Picking Berries, Picking Mushrooms and Hiking.
In Winter, you can Ski on partially lit Ski Tracks, Snowmobile, Ice and Skate.



Pyhä-Luosto National Park. The most popular destinations in the area are the Lampivaara Amethyst Mine, the Luosto Amethyst Bath and the Pyhä Aurora Fire Chapel, which is Lapland's first tourist church. Guided trips to the national park and services in the area are organized by several safari companies and tour operators.



Our close-to-nature activities on land and at sea, as well as ancillary services in the villas, bring refreshing experiences to your day. It's nice to move around in maritime landscapes regardless of the season, either on your own or with a guide.
How would a brisk bike ride while enjoying the scenery sound, a wonderful pampering evening relaxing in the sauna or even a boat trip smelling the sea breeze.



National parks, the most beautiful landscapes, and places to visit are incomparable. For families, Rukan Kylä offers idyllic dining and a Lapland village atmosphere. For children, there is also the Rudolf Family Park and the famous Ruka Pulkkamaki.



The following things are unique and only in Saariselkä:
Northern lights
Finland's Northernmost Road Trip
8 seasons
Sami culture



A holiday in Saimaa offers the peace of nature, a relaxed feeling in the cabin, and soft soaks in the beach sauna, but also many specialties and refreshing novelties. Discover unique national parks and Saimaa UNESCO Global Geopark destinations, wonderful traditional landscapes, nature's rarities, and historic castles and fortresses.

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen


Tahko is one of the most famous and popular tourist centers in Finland, where there is plenty to do all year round. Excellently maintained slopes, high-quality accommodation, and program services, as well as cheerful and versatile events, ensure that families, groups of friends, and business guests enjoy themselves in Tahko.
Thanks to its central location, Tahko is easily accessible from anywhere in Finland.



Salla, with 3,500 inhabitants, is located in Eastern Lapland, on the border of the world's largest country. In Finland's seventh largest municipality, there is room to live under the conditions of the surrounding nature and make use of it.
Salla has developed from an agriculturally dominated municipality to a municipality with an emphasis on service industries. Like traditional reindeer husbandry and forestry, Salla's newer livelihoods also rely on nature and the sustainable use of natural resources.



Vierumäki is a versatile sports and leisure center in which the Sports Institute of Finland is located. You can practice dozens of sports on Vierumäki. In addition, Vierumäki also has decades of experience, e.g. as an expert in occupational well-being and as an organizer of meetings and corporate events.



Eight seasons. Seven fells. Authentic Lapland villages. Explore and find year-round Ylläs.
Abundant activities, versatile services, events, program services, and of course people always bring new experiences to your vacation. There are two genuine Lapland villages in Ylläki. Äkäslompolo and Ylläsjärvi have a total of about 1200 inhabitants.



Ähtäri Loma-Clubi is located in a scenic location near Lake Hankavesi and Lake Moksunjärvi.
The location is peaceful, but abundant and versatile services and hobby opportunities are just a stone's throw away. A good location and high-quality apartments already guarantee successful, unforgettable vacations in the future!

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