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GFB Holidays Mobile App

GFB Mobile Application

With GFBs own mobile application, you can book your next dream vacation, buy TMT tokens, swap them to ETH, and send them to your favorite visa or master crypto card.

You can check how much TMT you have earned and see how TMT price is developing in real-time. And much more. The first version of the application will be beta, and we will need a LOT of feedback and ideas from our customers, partners, and followers.

Booking holidays have never been easier with any application and have never been so rewarding for our customers. Cashback is old. TMT dynamite back is here.

You earn money with every purchase, recommendation, invite, and review. You can make your blog post-in-app and be the next Traveling Celebrity. We don't mind. We encourage.

Timeshare owners can sell their holiday ownership on the move and tell their grandchild that it wasn't so difficult. With those TMTs next two weeks in Aruba are on us.

With our application, your points never go old; it will alarm you 1 or 2 weeks before; you decide when, and when you hear the alarm, swap your points to Timesharetokens. Convenient, is it not?

Whether you pay Visa, Master, Unionpay, JCB, or American Express or use your TMTs, you can book all you need in no time. We have it soon: hotels, airport transportation, flights, insurance, you name it.

There will be partners in airlines, hotel chains, and stores, all targeting one universal goal: uniting the loyalty, rewards, flying, and even selected shopping bonus points to one: TMT cryptocurrency. The ultimate goal is that not even one customer loyalty point, holiday point, or fly point goes old.

We are smiling at that moment, aren't we? Only loyalty, hotel, rewards, and timeshare points go null every year and exceed over 100 billion USD. What could we achieve together with that kind of money saved? In the travel industry. It means everything, happy and loyal customers in hotels, resorts, airlines, timeshare exchange organizations, decreased prices, better service, more jobs, more destinations, more money to save the earth, and timeshare will change its name from bad word to good. Forever.

One great man once said: Belief in it, and it will happen, and all our team believes in this. Not only do I believe, but I know it's doable, and it does not need even so much effort from us.

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