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Online Purchase Terms

The gift card is used for payment

For accommodation in all GFB  Londons spa hotels and holiday homes in Finland, according to the constantly changing inventory.

​ The value gift card (€) can be used at once or in parts

The gift card is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase

Digital gift card

Convenient and fast way to get a gift, delivery immediately after ordering by email 

You can order a gift card directly to the recipient's email / phone

You can also place an order in the name of the recipient first and forward it to the recipient at the right time.

If you later forward the card to the recipient of the gift yourself, fill in your own e-mail address and telephone number on the gift card recipient's form

The digital gift card can be printed as a PDF printout

The gift card will be activated within one business day

You can pay with a gift card by showing it in print or on your phone

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